Friday, September 28, 2007

Taking a shot at Quebec Liberals

Recent G&M article, "Liberal Party official under fire over remarks," sounds the alarm bells as though the Liberal party of Canada is crumbling over a recent rift.

The scary part is, I share a similar view with the man who is under fire.
When Quebec Liberals suggested hiring more Quebeckers, he replied by saying, “If I hire more Quebeckers, will I also have to hire more Chinese?”

Thank you for saying that Mr Caroll. There has to be a limit to the ridiculous concept of affirmative action at some point. I'm all for equal opportunity, 100% for it and would gladly step aside for a more qualified candidate, or even for a slightly less qualified but disadvantaged one. But I agree 100% that this comment was necessary.

So, Quebeck Liberals calling for his resignation, where should we start. Get a couple Inuits in there too, Mohawks, Oujibwa, etc. Don't forget lots of Pakistanis because they're underrepresented in the Toronto area. A Greek, a few Lebanese (Christian, Muslim and Druze because you don't want one of the fractured country's population to feel left out). Hell, I'll start searching around Morocco for a gay woman in a wheelchair who can come over and fill a big void in that unrepresented area because surely we need to cater to the gay Moroccan handicapped woman vote.

Give it a rest. The remark was sarcasm at your own irritating pursuit of an irritating subject. Take a look at the party, the leader is from Quebec! If you want more Quebec representation go join the Bloc.

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