Monday, October 29, 2007

Canadian Dollar - low to high.

Since becoming a floating currency in 1970, the Canadian dollar's previous all time high was in 1974, when it was valued higher than the US dollar at 1.0043 (it's actual high was in 1864 after the US abandoned the gold standard). Since its modern-day high in 1974, the Canadian dollar steadily depreciated throughout the following three decades, reaching an all time low in 2002 of $0.6179

This was approximately one year after George Bush took power. Up to that year, the US dollar had stayed strong, partly thanks to a series of respected economic policies left over from the Clinton era.

In less than six years, the US dollar has gone from its all-time high against the Canadian dollar, to a shocking fifty-year low.

If this trend continues, the Canadian dollar will have doubled in value by the time George Bush leaves office.


I'm not, I'm Canadian!

But I'd be very upset if I was an American.

For instance, say an American has a 5% annual raise.
Happy right, getting richer, making more money...
Well, in Canadian dollar terms, he'd be getting a reduction in salary of about 3% per year since 2002.

While this is okay in the short term because these things happen in currency markets. It's happened for six straight years - that's an 18% reduction in salary if paid in Canadian dollars.

Pity the American diplomats in Canada.
Or Europe for that matter.
Or Australia, or South Africa.
Or Morocco....

Friday, October 19, 2007

A common sense environment argument.

This is basically my argument, well laid out by someone who as more organizational skills, or perhaps just more time on their hands, than I do.

Before you click, some things to think about...

What really happened to Saturn's electric car?
Why was hemp, a cheap, readily available and environmentally friendly product, outlawed in the United States?
Why is America favouring the even more polluting ethanol based products? Was regular oil not dirty enough?

Well, here's your counter argument: Since President George W Bush is talking to God, then we can assume that God might have mentioned something if America's environmental policies were helping to destroying our planet. Therefore we must be okay continuing on our present course, because GW hasn't mentioned anything.