Monday, November 19, 2007

Fatherhood, one year on.

It was a year ago when I first blogged about becoming a father. My son was born on Nov 19, 2006. Since Zack arrived, my facebook account is where I've posted updates through photos, videos and blurbs. As a travel writer, something I quickly found out is that readers are not interested in a person's social life aspects. Starting a family falls into that category, and while exciting to loved ones, is not enticing reading.

As a travel writer, Zack's arrival has significantly cut into my work, with the seeming constant interruptions (which I do not blame entirely on him.) The largest portion of blame lies on me for being unable to focus and basically get my act in gear.

To battle this, I keep intending to go off for a week on my own with the entire manuscript in order to do a no-interruptions marathon edit. The problem is, I need to make significant edits beforehand just to get to that stage. If I work hard, I could probably finish those edits in a couple of weeks, however the family interruptions conundrum comes up once again.

Hours turn into days, weeks, months, and now a year.

For nine months after Zack's birth, I was stuck on the same chapter, Egypt. I rewrote it a dozen times but never got it quite right.

Now I've gotten past the Egyptian chapter's hurdle, or at least put it aside for now, and am focusing on making the suggested critique edits made by fellow writers. Hopefully I can accomplish this sooner rather than later.

Current goal - By March I want to have a manuscript ready to send off to interested agents.

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