Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is Intergalactic Travel Another Step Closer?

Sci-fi movies show wormholes and warp speed travel, while modern scientists struggle with theories and overcoming problems in outerspace. One problem however may have just been solved by an astronomers study. There might just be an intergalactic highway on our Solar System's doorstep.

See article posted recently on the Globe and Mail,.

Currently, the majority of our electricity starts with the process of producing a lot of heat: Coal is burned to create heat: Nuclear reactions cause intense amounts of heat; fossil fuels, etc.
The heat then boils water, creating steam, which was the basis of the stream train.
The steam builds up pressure, causing things to open and close. In the case of power plants, it causes turbines to turn.
That energy is converted into electricity and sent zapping into our homes.

The dilemma is, we need a cheap and endless source of intense heat here on earth to maintain electricity generation.

We may not have found it here yet, but according to this article, it exists in space in the form of a web of superheated dark matter and other elements that connect the Universe like a giant spider web.

In theory, the heat could form a sort of energy highway through space. Tap into it and skim along like a street trolly that runs off electricity.

The closest strand might be so far away we'd never possibly get there. But if one is close, and we had the technology to tap into the heat of the dark-matter highway, travelling off to explore the galaxy could become a reality.

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