Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Moroccan Canadian Visa struggle, continued...

It's an ongoing saga. I've blogged about our visa battles at the Canadian embassy before.

It was December that I sent the application for Siham's permanant resident visa in, and shortly after Christmas we received a letter saying it would take seven months to be processed, although times could vary.

The website says something different. It claims the expected time for visa processing in Rabat is the following.

30% of cases are processed within 4 months.
50% of cases are processed within 5 months.
70% of cases are processed within 6 months.
80% of cases are processed within 7 months.

Considering I'm Canadian, my wife's Moroccan, and we have a son, I expected to be on the shorter end of that process, meaning we'd be processed sometime in around March/April.

My wife's been visiting in Canada for two and a half months now, and is waiting to hear about the visa.

We called, emailed, and faxed the embassy to find out a more accurate timetable for when she could expect to have her application processed. She was told, late April, early May.

It's now mid-May. We still haven't heard anything, and I'm getting nervous.

Our first application, which we sent in three years ago, mysteriously disappeared. It takes a lot of time, and money, to gather all the forms for an application, and to have it never arrive is really frustrating.

It might have been the Moroccan postal service.
It might have been the Canadian postal service.
It might have been.... Something more sinister.

When Siham moved to Canada, or technically came to visit on her visitor's visa, we faxed the address change form to the Canadian embassy in Rabat.

A couple weeks later, I was wondering how her application was going, and logged into the CIC website. The application status said, "In process since January 7th."

To my surprise, according to the website, the address hadn't changed. We were still registered in Morocco. So I went online and changed it according to the website instructions.

A couple weeks later, I checked again.
Status, "In process." Our address was still listed as Rabat.

So Siham called, and was told we should send the fax again just in case. We were also told to send a fax to another Canadian number. The immigration said not to worry about the address change appearing on the internet, because it was likely the embassy had the address change and it was under control.

Based on our previous run-ins with Canadian immigration in Rabat, I don't want to take anything for granted. My wife's experience trying to get visas has, so far, been a nightmare.

Hopefully the visa status will change soon on the internet.
Hopefully we'll get a letter, or a phone call, or something letting us know what the next step in her application process is.

So we wait, biding our time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I hear your pain. I'm currently in the same boat, regarding my Moroccan husband's visa to come as a permanent resident. I understand it's hard, but consider yourself lucky that during this time you can be with your wife. My husband and I haven't seen each other for almost a year now, that's by far the most difficult part, especially considering that we've only been married for 14 months. Chin up, mate, things will get better. Turns out all those bombings in Spring 2007 have a huge effect on any Moroccans trying to immigrate to Canada, the officials look more deeply into their history, personal and family. Hang tight, you're not alone :)