Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Canadian Morocco visa update

My wife recently received an email from the Canadian Embassy immigration officials asking for more information. The majority of what they asked for was information I felt we had already provided, or they were asking about her details since we submitted the application over six months ago.

One new thing they wanted was Siham's birth certificate. She provided pretty much every other piece of ID. She didn't provide the birth certificate because, as far as I know, most Moroccans don't have one. Their names are written in a family registry and later added to their family book provided by the government. They are given identity cards and kept on file, but that's about it.

You can get a birth certificate. It's basically just a piece of paper with a stamp on it issued by local officials. It's pretty much a meaningless piece of paper a person would only get if they were asked for it by some foreign embassy.

I don't get this whole birth certificate thing.

Is it to make sure they were actually born?

Are there unborn people trying to sneak into Canada?

If you want to make sure someone was born and didn't come into this world by some unnatural method, all you have to do is ask to see their belly button.

In Morocco's case, just send someone to check the registry. Dozens of applicants can be done at the same time and it's probably a lot more foolproof than asking applicants to obtain their birth certificates. In our case, it would save us about two thousand dollars because Siham has to return to Morocco simply to obtain that document.

Furthermore, I'm sure there are a number of corrupt people who could get you a falsified birth certificate. Not that falsifying one would be particularly difficult. It's not like counterfeiting currency. It's a simple standard handwritten form, and the stamp could be copied on with a good scanner.

It's a pointless piece of identification to request.

The hope is, Siham gives them the info they requested and is approved that same day, or shortly after. Then we will be done this entire hellish process...

Until three years down the road when she applies for citizenship.

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