Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Job posting email.

Sometimes, this is how I feel after spending hours preparing a job application. It's the feeling I get just after sending it. And again, weeks later when I come across the files I prepared for the job. Some jobs I'm not quite qualified for, but for others I feel I'm very qualified. For the vast majority, I never even hear back from them.

Dear candidate

Thank you for your recent application with us. We realise it takes hours to complete all of the demanding requirements which our job posting requested.

Unfortunately, we tailored the job posting to an already preselected relative of a current employee. We actually only posted the job to provide the illusion of fair hiring practices. So, no matter how qualified or overqualified you are, this default email will be the end of our communication with you.

We understand that hundreds of applicants spent several hours finishing the in depth questions and responses. Nobody even read the majority of these applications because we knew who we'd hire well before the posting went up.

You should be thanking us for not wasting more of your time. Some applicants made it to the interview stage and drove hundreds of miles to take an interview for a job they never had a chance of getting.

We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Most companies say we'll keep your resume on file for future reference, however we have already thrown it in the garbage.


John Doe, Human Resource Manager

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