Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crappachino and Writing Frustrations.

The book I'm writing is always in some phase or another.
Almost done....
A little more...
Almost there now....

My current phase is back at the beginning. I'm trying to perfect the first couple chapters so I can send them off. The next phase will be to tweak chapters I'm not happy with while the editors/agents take their time getting back to me.

The first problem I ran into is that my $200 printer/scanner has developed a permanent paper jam. It thinks paper is jammed inside, therefore it won't print, and no matter how many times I open and close and unplug and bang it, and yell, "There is no paper jam!" the "clear paper jam" message is still there.

So I plugged in an old backup printer. The $30 Walmart Lexmark special where replacement ink cartridges cost more than the printer itself.

I print double-sided to save paper.

I printed two chapters off, grabbed everything this morning, attached it to my clipboard, and headed to Starbucks.

What I like about Starbucks is that it has comfy chairs to sit back in and do my edits. For some reason, the chairs are very close to each other though. Four out of six were taken, and the two empty chairs seemed to be dominated by guys who insisted on sprawling across two chairs. They leaned over, their arms draped over the arm of the chair, while their legs blocked the front of the free chair. This hunched over position can't possibly be comfortable, and the only logical explanation I could think of is that they want both chairs to themselves.

I don't like the drinks in Starbucks, but feel obligated to by something. So I ordered my mint-chip-express-chocolata-latte-machiato-supremo-take-two-sipso-and-get-a-sugar-higho-crappachino, and went to find a seat.

The chair huggers grimaced at me as though I was eying their girlfriends. So instead I found a table and sat down.

I took out my clipboard and, hey, this page 3. I flipped through.

Wait a second, where's page 1.

Somehow, my pages got all screwed up. The first two pages were missing entirely, and the following double sided pages went completely out of sequence.

3-6, 4-7, 5-8

So I came home to write this blog and reprint the first two chapters.

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