Monday, September 15, 2008

Where the hell is the LPC?

Where the hell is the LPC? I've heard almost nothing from them? Dion seems quieter than a mouse. I don't know whether its because the media has shut him out, or whether he is caught up stumbling over his image problems?

The US economy is on the brink of disaster. It is time to remind the voters about the last conservative majority and how it is responsible for the majority of Canada's overall debt and the previous recession. (which the Liberals pulled us out of)
Remind us that each year, Canadian tax payers shell out $20-30 billion, or close to $700 per person in taxes solely on the interest of the debt.
Remind us how, in a time of massive economic boom, the Liberals were paying that down.
Then remind us how, with the Conservative plans, that surplus is being spent away on promises of corporate tax cuts.
Sure, Canada might be better off next year if Harper gets into power. But in ten years, our taxes will be higher, our quality of life worse, and our debt running out of control.
With the crashing of the US stock market, Canada's government hasn't done enough to safeguard our economy from the fallout.
Where did the big surpluses go?
Why doesn't Harper deliver a 43 billion dollar surplus? When Mulroney was last in power, he delivered a 43 billion dollar deficit. It's only fair, isn't it?

There's been cuts in arts and cuts in health care, which might be acceptable if Canadians were delivered a big budget surplus. So where the hell is it?

Canadian tax payers don't like being gouged, but whether the Liberals are in power or the Conservatives are in power, we will be. At least the Liberals aim to leave the country a better place for our children to grow up in.

So where the hell is that message?

Hello, Dion, are you out there? Canada to Stephan?

Are the Liberals even running in this election?

Stop hiding and give us someone to vote for!

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