Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disgarded attempt number two.

Here's another old one that never really made it off the ground. Sometimes they get worse before they get better...

Spirit of the Adventurer

It was a fragile dream, born from the African novels I’d devoured as a teenager and related romantic notions. Famous adventurers such as Livingstone, Burton, or Speke probably never said they were going off to become famous African Adventurers. They just did.

The first important trait I envisioned was multilingualism. If I could be fluent in various languages then I could integrate with locals. I’d drive into a mud-hut village, speak with the chief and be accepted with a certain status - a foreigner intimately familiar with the culture. There were other ingredients: A long and arduous road; danger and life-threatening situations; stress.
But I also needed something special because virgin territory was hard to come by. At first, I considered buying a big brown horse with a western saddle. I could canter from place to place like historic adventurers had done. But this was unrealistic, quashed by the invention of fences, borders, and worst of all land mines.
Instead of a horse, I’d buy a Beach Buggy.

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