Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My head is exploding - Wisdom teeth hell

Day 1: Surgery. I don't remember falling asleep and waking up. I can't remember any of it after getting the intraveinis in my arm. The dental surgeon told me it was a tough surgery, that my teeth were bears. I was given a pack of gauze and told to shove them to the back of my jaw and change them every few minutes.

My mouth was still numb. I was given aftercare instructions, which said that swelling was expected to increase for about three days and decrease for three days. The doctor gave me a prescription of amoxicyclene, as well as an anti-inflammatory, and Tylenol ones to be taken with Advil. I was also advised to gargle with salt water.

Day 2: I'm sore, but not too bad. Following his instructions, I'm having soup and eating a little bit. I've taken the ibuprofen, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics and I'm gargling with salt water.

Day 3: Still sore. About the same as day 2.

Day 4: I expect today's the worst of it, it will get better tomorrow. I'm in a little more pain, but that's expected.

Day 5: I was really sore today, and it got really bad at night. I started taking the Tylenol ones as well as the Advil, but not at the same time. The pain grew excruciating, radiating down my jaw and up into my ears like a bad earache.

At 3am, I called the doctor's office hoping to leave a message. I got hold of him and was told to take the T1 and advil concurrently and contact him during the day.

The solution helped ease the pain and I got to sleep, but the pain was still pretty bad in the morning.

Day 6: Pain continues to be bad. I called the doctor in the afternoon and was told to put drops of clove oil on the bottom in addition to everything else.

Day 7: The swelling increased and a lump formed overnight on the left side. I thought it might be infected, so I called my dental surgeon again. He was operating that day, so I went to visit my regular dentist instead.

My regular dentist said he doesn't think I have dry socket yet, and is hoping to stave one off by putting me on stronger antibiotics. He also replaced the T1/advil combo with Tylenol 3s/regular Tylenol mix. A description of a dry socket can be found here.

I took my first dose an hour ago and am still in a lot of pain. It has now has radiated up toward my temples instead being focused down in my jaw. I'm wondering if this is a reaction to the codeine or the drug switchover.

Day 8: I saw the surgeon this morning - consequently waking up in one of those rare few hours where the meds have kicked in and there is no pain. He didn't mention a dry socket, but I suspect I have at least two because food gets stuck there and I have to rinse excessively with warm salt water to dislodge it. He said the pain was normal, it happens sometimes especially with difficult wisdom teeth extractions. The codeine has been helping, however I feel a lot of pain as the meds die off.
He said there was some infection and to rinse with salt water a lot as well as squeeze the pus out periodically and use gauze pads to suck it up.
He gave me an even stronger pain medication, though I'm holding off buying it until I feel I really need it. I haven't pooped in four days, though I am not feeling constipated, just a bit bloated.
My cheeks are swollen like a chipmunk. I feel a little nauseous, which may be a side effect of codeine or the antibiotics.
I've been eating soft foods to keep the pain down. Fish and rice tonight. I rinsed excessively to get rid of all the rice. I noticed acidic food hurts more, although pain depends partly on the medication cycle so I might not be very accurate with that assessment.

Day 9: I had to get up early this morning and drive my wife to Ottawa. The pain was pretty bad every time the meds wore off. They seem to completely wear off after about five hours. I'm running low on the painkillers and will probably have to fill the stronger prescription my surgeon gave me yesterday.
The pain is still pretty intense. I noticed a watery yellow discharge from my nose, unlike regular snot and more like I'd just thrown up. I had my first bowel movement in about five or six days this morning and it felt like I was pushing a brick out.

Day 10: After a good nights sleep, I woke up only a little sore and without any more painkillers. I went to fill the prescription my dentist gave me. The pharmacist told me not to drive with these painkillers. By the time I'd eaten and taken the meds, I was in a lot of pain once again. It now feels like the tops are burning or have been touched with acid. The bottoms are less swollen and feel bruised, but not throbbing. The meds are kicking in now, I took them half an hour ago and am a little dizzy. The pain is slowly receding.


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