Thursday, October 02, 2008

Political Races.

I've said it before, and the Liberals finally caught onto the idea. Hit Harper where it hurts and link him to Bush every chance you get. The problem is, they're not doing it enough. They needed to link him to Bush in the debate a dozen times more.

Take the gloves off damn it!

The debate is your chance to give Harper a black eye. Call him STEVIE, and when he grimaces, apologize and say, "Sorry, I guess that names reserved for your pal George Bush."

Make it a staged attack. The Liberals and the Greens can at least get together with a little dialogue to really embarrass Harper.

Elizibeth May: Good Bushenomics there Stevie.

Dion: Please Elizibeth, that names reserved for his close friend and mentor.

Layton: Can using the word Stevie in any way be considered plagiarism?

May: No, you'd have to practically copy an entire speech to do that.

The Canadian electorate is in a conundrum. The worst possible outcome is a Conservative Majority. The only right wing party there is.

The NDP, Liberals and Greens are battling for the left vote. I sometimes wish they could get together and merge parties. They split the vote, which threatens to hand the conservatives an outright majority.

Worst case scenario - a Quebec riding:

Liberals - 20%
Bloc - 20%
Green - 19%
NDP - 20%
Conservatives - 21%

Seat goes to the conservatives.

But that's the first past the post system. Despite the fact that 79% of the people vote against Stephen Harper, he can still win the riding.

It's a Political taboo to say so, but I urge people to vote strategically anti-Harper.
Vote for the left leaning party most popular in your riding simply to help get the seat to anyone but Harper.
If you are an NDP or Green supporter in a riding that is really between the Liberals and the Conservatives, please vote Liberal.
Same goes for Liberal supporters in a riding where the Green party, or the NDP, or even the Bloc have the best chance of winning. Face it, the Bloc will never get elected to lead, so a seat for them is a safe vote against Harper.

Moving to the US, where the vice presidential debate is on for tonight. Sarah Palin reminds me of a girl I knew in University. Like Palin, this girl was also involved in politics. She was running for some University chair position. I had the unfortunate experience of having her as a teammate in a marketing research group.

You don't know someone is an idiot until you see them in action. How this girl got to a third year University course was beyond me. She was in two of my classes, and I fortunately saw her doing a different group presentation before I had to present a project with her.

She was discussing the business strategy for a clothing company. The following, as I remember it, is the dialogue she presented.

"By not focusing on smaller markets such as Toronto and Montreal, and in turn focusing on major Markets Paris, Los Angeles and New York, the company can increase their profits and revenues by 2000 percent."

The teacher was gob smacked. He had a look of disgust on his face. All things considered, he was the biggest hothead prof in the school and had shouted down students for being too stupid to be in University. I was surprised when he kept his cool. He was role playing the CEO of the company, the other students not presenting were role-playing board members, and the girl was part of a hired marketing team.

"I don't understand," the prof said. "How can decreasing the cities where we sell, thereby shrinking our market exposure, increase our profits and revenues by 2000 percent. Just a second here, our current profits are two million dollars. How much money can we actually make with this strategy? Two thousand percent of two million is a bit difficult for me to calculate. Can you give me some hard figures? What will our profits be?"

"Two trillion dollars," she replied.

Then the prof got mad. "Two trillion! That's more than the value of General Motors! Our profits are going to be double the GDP of Canada? That's amazing! Get out of my classroom!"

Clearly the girl picked numbers off the top of her head, and in that moment, I cringed to think she was in another group of mine. I went on to find out she was lazy and stupid, and even though I tried my best to not allow her to present anything related to numbers, she managed to sneak something in, completely botch it, and force me to apologize to the class (imaginary board members) and correct the mistake.

Here's where I draw the parallel. Her out-of-nowhere answers remind me of Sarah Palin. Palin looks like a right dolt in interviews, and for someone who's job it may be to understand foreign affairs and economic policy, she comes across as much less informed than I do.

I babble, I'm not actually that informed. I used to read the economist magazine and have my finger on the pulse of most major stories. I wish I still had time to read it, but instead, I mostly scour online papers and read a few select articles every day.

It will be interesting to see how the VP debate goes tonight. If I was Biden, I'd try to steer the debate in the direction of complicated policy and use the big words to really throw Palin off. It's third year university all over again, and like watching a train wreck about to occur, I'm disgusted, but can't help watch the coming carnage.

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