Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Canadian Public Job Search cont'd again.

A few months back, I made it to the interview stage for a pension review job. I estimate that I was a one in a hundred shot and I missed the cut.

More promising are two employment pools at Statscan in Ottawa. What I'm really hoping for however is something that can take me anywhere in Canada, and even beyond in later years. This job is the final stage of the review process, and the chances of an applicant being accepted are 1 in 15 to start with.

I don't expect to get into the foreign service. It's a close second choice of career out of all the prospective jobs I've applied for. First choices don't always work out, and in the meantime I might as well throw my hat into as many rings as possible hoping one of them pays off.

Another fear is that all the government jobs I've been focusing on for the last year will be revoked due to federal spending cutbacks. No matter how well I do on all of these tests, what's the point if hiring initiatives are halted and spun back?

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