Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Bashir Arrest Warrant.

I think it's about time, but I also wonder what's the point.

The timing is as right as any to sign an arrest warrant for one of the worst tyrants currently in power, if not the worst.

Six months ago, the timing was wrong.

This is not because he was less guilty, but because his ability to rouse anti-US sentiment is substantially weakened today due to the American political shift. The world is still awestruck by Barack Obama, whereas George Bush was extremely unpopular.

The result, the arrest warrant now appears less like some American-led conspiracy to break apart the Muslim world and steal oil, and more like a decision based on Omar Al-Bashir's genocidal record.

While Bashir attempts to conjure up the victimized image, fewer people are likely to buy it.

Then again, aside from limiting his travel options, does the arrest warrant for war crimes and crimes against humanity really serve any purpose other than riling him up? Worst case scenario, he boots out all foreign presence in Darfur and goes for that elusive title of genocidal maniac.

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