Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stop it, just stop it.

Think back to the most frustrating moment of your life, a time when something very unfair happened to you.

Perhaps it was a business deal that went sour and someone walked off with a bunch of your money.

Perhaps it was not getting paid for a job.

Maybe it was seeing an incompetent co-worker getting a raise while you put up with harassment. Maybe you got fired for his mistake.

You might have been accused of something you were innocent of. It could have been a wrongful court judgement.

Maybe a professor marked your unfairly, or somehow your test score was impossibly low when you were sure you’d aced it.

You were by far the best qualified for the job, but it went to someone else.

It sucks, but a few days or weeks pass and you move on with your life, the bitter memories fade into insignificance.
Take your most frustrating moment, add torture, imprisonment, having your family ripped apart, and have the moment drag on for over five years, and you might get a sense of what Abousfian Abdelrazik has been going through.
It wasn’t bad enough that they accused him of being a terrorist without any legitimate proof.

It wasn’t enough that the Sudanese government tortured him, imprisoned him, and then said they were mistaken and that he was in fact innocent.

It wasn’t enough that the RCMP cleared him of ANY criminal activity.

It wasn’t enough that CSIS cleared him of any criminal activity.

The Canadian government refuses to let Abousfian Abdelrazik return home to Canada for no good reason!

If you were to ask him which torture was worse, the Sudanese interrogators or Canadian bureaucracy, I think I know what his answer would be?

That is what the Canadian government is doing, torturing him psychologically.

It’s the torture of never being able to meet the criteria to see your family, to return home, to go back to your life and normality.

It’s the torture of not being able to see your child grow from a little girl into a young woman.

It’s the torture of having your wife divorce you, perhaps because she thinks you’re a criminal.

It’s the torture of having her die and not being able to hold her hand one last time.

The Canadian government is the torturer.

Stop it, just stop it. Let him come home.

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