Saturday, April 04, 2009

What Can You Do to Help Abousfian Abdelrazik?

My wife and I have run into frustrating and humiliating visa problems at the Canadian Embassy before. I've also had trouble, while overseas, getting a Canadian Passport replaced. You can read about my personal passport problems in Cairo here.

You can read about my wife's visa troubles here, and here, and here

Not to mention other related stories if you were to scour through my blog.

While my wife and I have jumped through a few hoops and felt indignation, Mr Abdelrazik has gone through absolute hell.

So what can you do to support Mr. Abdelrazik?

Firstly, contacting the Canadian Embassy in Sudan is useless, unless you want to try and talk to Mr. Abdelrazik directly and blog about his answers.

Secondly, spread the word. Join facebook groups such as this one. Invite friends to join the facebook group. Create more facebook groups, other groups, and just get the word out there that a Canadian citizen is having his rights violated by our own government.

Another facebook group is here.

Third: Complain to your local member of Parliament. You can find your local member of parliament and their contact info via this website.

Financially supporting Mr. Abdelrazik is a slippery slope. The danger being, you could be deemed to be funding a suspected terrorist and have some vindictive element in the Canadian government put you on their naughty list. While I will blog and shout and cry indignation, I've not yet committed myself to taking actions beyond using the mighty pen, err, keyboard. Whether or not you do is up to you.

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