Thursday, April 30, 2009

WHO says brace for pandemic. Ontario had no ICU beds available.

We are on the verge of a possible catastrophe. The WHO warns the world to brace for the swine flu pandemic. Millions could die.

And Ontario has zero availability in their Intensive Care Units?

Can this be right?

Last week, a family attempted to have a woman flown home from Cancun after she suffered a debilitating asthma attack. Her return was blocked by Health Canada at first, (apparently fearing spread of the Swine flue,) and when they relented, she was not allowed to return because of a lack of availability in intensive care.

Read the Globe and Mail article here.

Had she been returned quickly, would she have lived?

Only a doctor familiar with her case could provide probabilities on that question. But you can't deny that Cancun has their own hospitalization issues to worry about, and that might have compromised her quality of care while down there.

As saddened as I am about the tragedy for this family, the real issue is there are no ICU beds available in Ontario. On the verge of a pandemic, that's a scary proposition.

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