Sunday, April 05, 2009

Why I feel so strongly about Abdelrazik's injustice.

Watching this whole ordeal unfold brings back a lot of painful memories, some related, and others not so much.

They remind me of some of the most unpleasant memories of my life. I assume most people, if they dig deep enough, can recall an unfair decision they were powerless to change.

Just thinking about it gets your blood boiling.

If one thing is apparant from Mr. Abdelrazik's plight and the George Galloway affair, it's that too much power rests in the hands of certain people. In these cases, certain incompetent people. Hopefully these tragedies will help get this situation changed.

As for my bad experiences with immigration. I'm still bitter. I'm still mad as hell. And there's still sweet nothing I can do about it.

Except this. Make as much noise as possible when I see it happen to someone else. Do my bit to help draw more attention to it, get it fixed, and then move on with my life.

People might think if I am so angry about Abdelrazik, then I must also sympathize with Khadr in Guantanimo. In truth, I really don't. He made a mistake and the only question is, how much longer is he going to have to pay for it.

My answer, I honestly don't care.

At worst, Mr Abdelrazik has, to my knowledge, made no such mistake. At best, if he has and our government can prove it, then he deserves to face his accusers and have his day in court.

Their is a hot debate going on right now about whether a Muslim woman can wear her veil while testifying at a rape case in Toronto. The court ruled that she had to remove the veil when testifying because the accused rapist has the right to face his accuser.

I imagine Mr Abdelrazik dreams of such a right. One of many rights denied by the Canadian government for over five years now.

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