Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Political Scandal Week and Flashing Lights Syndrome

I've got something important to do. I scuttle down the street, focused only on the task at hand, and, whoa, FLASHING LIGHTS!

What do they mean? Why are they there? I gotta check them out! What was that task I was doing again? Oh, never mind, FLASHING LIGHTS!

It's sometimes surprising how easily our attention is drawn away from important issues. This week, one political scandal is topping the next, but are some concocted in order to distract the attention of the masses from more serious issues.

A former PM, and a conservative at that, is under the corruption gun. There's something very fishy about Mulroney accepting wads of cash from an international shadester only months after he left office. I'm curious to know....

Holy crap, another Conservative is under the gun. Names are named, some prominent conservatives playing influence peddling games. Whoa, the conservatives are in for a bout of bad press just when the opposition has overtaken them in popularity.

BUT WAIT! A Super Hot Liberal MP mistreats her maids! CAT FIGHT, CAT FIGHT!

It's those flashing lights again, sucking the media into a distraction, and us, the population follows.

In reality, it's little more than a labour dispute between a prominent figure and her family's caregivers. But we better have a full parliamentary inquiry. Something has to distract the masses from the alleged corruption running through the party in power. What better to do that than throw in some sex appeal and blow it out of proportion?

Would we be as enthralled if the lower profile John Cannis was under the nanny gun? I think not.

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