Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kicking the Coffee, Days 1 and 2

On a family trip to Washington back when I was a teenager, my father took us on a daily trip through a drive through so he could get his java fix. It was the first time I noticed his addiction. Back then, as a youngster, I criticized him for it.

It's twenty years later and I have the same habit.

Kicking the coffee addiction has been something I've contemplated doing for a while. If I don't get my morning fix, I get a raging headache by mid afternoon.

Coffee is not the typical addiction. I don't wake up craving coffee. I just know if I don't get some, I'll get a headache and therefore won't function as well later in the day.

Yesterday, Sunday, was one of those forgetful days. I never got around to making my morning cup. So instead of give in, I decided to try and kick the habit.

Day 1 - By the afternoon I felt lethargic and in a daze. It could have partly been because of a rugby match on Saturday. I just wanted to sit down all day and watch TV. It was an effort to drive to my parents house for dinner.
In the evening I noticed a rash on my knee, although I suspect this was from scouring through waist high weeds looking for a rugby ball yesterday, not a side effect of not drinking coffee.

Day 2 - My knee rash is really itchy and bubbling up where I scratched it this morning, like claws going across the skin. Not drinking coffee didn't stop me from working out at the gym, although I forwent the hamstring machine because I didn't want my knees to touch the bench. I felt pretty good after the workout, but crashed soon after that.
When I put Zack down for a nap after lunch, I also felt tired. I had a terrible headache when I woke up two hours later. It was the kind where you don't want to move because it hurts so much. It faded after a few minutes, although lingered until after dinner. I had a cup of tea after dinner. It's probably cheating, but I kicked the coffee, not the tea. The headache is gone.

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