Sunday, September 27, 2009

21. Getting It Out There I: Billeh Nickerson/Jon Paul Fiorentino on submitting to literary magazines

The second master class I attended had two literary magazine editors dishing out the goods on how to get published in a literary magazine. The most valuable things for me with this seminar is it provided a human face to the submissions that people like me hand in. It also gave me a sense of where a lot of up and coming writers start. You name the big Canadian author, and they've been published in one the Canadian Literary magazines circuit before literary circles had even heard their names.

As much as I've been over the lit-mag query letter stage, you can never get enough dos and dont's, especially from the mouths of those who read your work and what they're looking for.

One of the editors suggested responding to themes. One of the advantages of keeping a blog is I spew out different stories all the time. While my blog isn't always submission level, it provides me at least a story a week for almost three years now. Some of my stories can usually be adapted to the themes and provide me an important base to start from.

The editors also gave me two useful websites for Canadian writers trying to get publshed that I'll share.

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