Sunday, September 27, 2009

22. Getting It Out There II: Dan Graham on self-publishing and print-on-demand

I have mixed feelings about this session. While I feel I got some useful information , I feel I paid $25 to have someone give me a sales pitch.

While Dan Graham was an enthusiastic representative of a self publisher, if I'd called him up, arranged a meeting, and talked about self publishing my book, then I could have gotten the same thing out of it for free.

On the bright side, like the other seminars and readings, it humanized an industry I had little knowledge about. Dan also provided interesting information on how books are made, and faux pas that might be made and avoided with a good self publisher.

A few months ago, I contracted an editor to work on part of my novel, paying several hundred dollars. In the end, I felt he made few concrete suggestions for improvement. I found a lot of corrections he missed, and few corrections he actually made. So finding someone who can provide me with a quality editor, and who has a personal stake in making sure they are good, might turn out to be the most valuable piece of information I get out of my entire Kingston Writers Fest experience.

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