Friday, September 11, 2009

Political Satire - Vote Liberal

Top ten reasons to vote for the Liberal party 2009:

10) So that we can introduce Rae Days to the entire country.

9) So Ruby Dhalla can be made Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and show those ungrateful Phillipino maids a thing or two about employee/employer relationships, and foot rubbing.

8) Because the Liberals will continue their sponsorship of National Unity.

7) Because Michael Ignatieff loves the USA, which is okay now that they have a cool president who everyone in Canada thinks is awesome, well, everyone except the Conservative party members who tried to rat him out during the US election primaries.

6) So they can secretly bring back the Green Shift plan and save the world.

5) To once again provide a safe and friendly refuge for Peter MacKay's ex-girlfriends.

4) To once again provide a safe and friendly refuge for Conservative MPs ready to come out of the closet.

3)Because a Liberal minority has more than a chance in hell of working with the NDP and Bloc.

2) To change the traditional rules so that we can skip future elections and declare Ignatieff leader.

1) Because all thinking women could use more crumpets.

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