Monday, September 14, 2009

Satire - Vote NDP 2009

The top ten reasons to vote NDP in the upcoming, perhaps, federal election.

10) Because the NDP will never deal with Stephen Harper, or vote to pass Stephen Harper's legislation, unless they're strapped for cash and the Liberals and the Bloc won't play ball either.

9) Because the NDP is not afraid to increase corporate taxes, even if it means scaring away all business from coming to Canada.

8) Because the NDP believes in equal rights for Gays, Lesbians, Minorities, and the Taliban.

7) Because recreational drugs should be, umm, what was I talking about again?

6) Because Jack Layton's been around a long time, and, come on, just give the poor guy a chance.

5) Because the NDP is the champion of Health Care, Welfare, and no hair.

4) Because we're Democrats, like Barrack Obama, just newer.

3) Because given the choice between a spiteful, angry, right wing religious nutjob, an immoral divorced man with a mean streak who's just passing through the country, some separatists trying to rip apart the country, and a champion of social justice and equality, who would you choose?

2) Because Jack Layton doesn't need to waste taxpayer money with a makeup maven to powder his nose and primp his hair. A quick polish and he's ready to go.

1) Because by passing lax drug laws and having an openess to safe and sustainable prostitution, the NDP can put the party back into politics.

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