Thursday, November 05, 2009

Broken Pencil

My Google Link says - The guide to alternative culture in Canada, features reviews of hundreds of zines, e-zines, journals, chap-books and newsletters from across the country.

It's a pretty mish mash magazine with several sections.

It starts with ranting bloggish stories. And I mean that in a kindly, Rant Like Rick Mercer kind of way. Many have an artsy theme to them.

It has a few articles and exposes on people and events of creative and artistic interest.

Some Comics and artwork.

The major article in the issue in front of me is Crafts in the Economy, talking about things like knitted Ipod cases and DIY products.

There is a section with fiction, which is one of the more entertaining in the magazine. The stories range from disturbing with gratuitous, risque and graphic sex to quirky and a bit weird. The stories are well written and descriptive with generally troubled characters, or characters in a real life, awkward situation.

The second half of the magazine is dedicated to reviews, ezines, zines, journals, chapbooks and more.

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