Friday, November 13, 2009

No Rules Poetry

Up to now, my poetry doesn't stretch much beyond the Dr. Seuss meets Sam McGee rhyming that I love to read and attempt to write. That's my comfort zone.
I have this feeling that I don't get other poetry. I mean I sometimes get it, in meaning, on some level, but not the style, the rules.

But there are no real rules, it's just expression. Which is why it doesn't really move me, rarely anyway.

I started reading poetry in literary journals, and perhaps it's got something to do with my short attention span, but it just doesn't click. It's often like trying to puzzle through how a poet has broken up sentences on separate lines.

Here's a poem I wrote. I don't claim it is good. But it's my first attempt at non-structured poetry. My goal, in part, was to get my message across with as few words as possible.

Remembrance Day Canada 2009

With disgraces, too.
Perpetual claims of,
Role model status.
Shameful Japanese internment.
Jews not the only ones.
And today we remember,
With sayings
Lest We Forget,
We will Remember them,
Our follies too?
A Flanders Street of pricking felt
Have we forgotten?
Lessons of fathers
Grand and great
Damaged souls,
Bodies decaying.
Rats the size of cats.
We live free, unless,
Accused of terror,
Innocent until proven accused.
Of sympathy for suffering kin?
Arar, Abdelrazik, Khadr
Syria, Sudan, Guantanamo
Abandoned by government.
Extraordinary internment.
Never forget the sacrifice.
Of soldiers not principles.

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