Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Outrage Conundrum

I find it funny, how, when something controversial comes up, it almost gains legitimacy and attention when people cry indignation, gather in protest, hold up angry signs and take their fight to the media.

Transexual Jesus Play

It just makes me want to see what's going on. It gives the people at the centre of the controversy massive free publicity. That translates into more money. So they can do an even better job of putting on a scandalous show in the future.

I'm almost tempted to make up a second, anonymous profile, pretend I'm someone else, and threaten myself with violence. Then I can go to the media, tell them someone wants to kill me for my views, and get national, or even international attention.

Let's see, what are some of the most controversial things I can say. I can call someone's prophet a transexual or a pedophile. That would generate plenty of hatred. Then again, I generally avoid blogging about religion other than to raise a point of interest.

Saying something nice about Hitler, or holocaust denial. That always stirs up controversy, although that would just make me one of countless neo-Nazi nutjobs fighting to have their racist voices heard over the internet.

I could insult Obama, but that would just make people think I'm a Republican who watches too much Fox news. I have to hit a nerve that hasn't really been hit.

Who is someone that everyone in the world loves? From both sides of the spectrum.

Yes, it's time for Nelson Mandela jokes!

A Japanese man knocks on Nelson Manela's door, waves a clipboard in Mandela's face and says, "Car parts in truck, you sign, you sign!"

After three or four instances of this throughout the week, Mandela, exasperated, says, "Who are you looking for? Why do you keep coming here?"

The Japanese man says, (in his thick Asian accent) "You mean you not Nissan Main Dealer."

Okay, I'm just not controversial enough. I'll have to work on that.


Tax gas, tax the roads, tax the water, tax the air, tax food, tax babies, tax children, tax tax tax!

Okay, let the threats roll in...

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