Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ranting about waiting, and other things.

I feel like I'm waiting, indefinitely, for things that never seem to happen. I filed Siham's taxes about twelve weeks ago. I was told it would take six weeks.

I sent half a dozen different stories to different magazines and journals, and am waiting for an answer. Publish me, yes, or no.

I did get published several months ago, and I'm still waiting for my copy of the magazine to arrive.

My manuscript, Siham's taxes, Alia's birth certificate, that magazine I got an article published in, a date to start training for my new job.

Every morning I check the mail. What do I get. Bills, usually. The odd survey. A "baby come back" message from Bell Canada every so often, and bank statements.

Speaking of waiting, if Bell is waiting for me to come back, they might be waiting longer than I've been waiting for, err, I mean, forever.

I don't think I'll be going back to Bell. If they are spamming me biweekly with letters, then that is part of their ad campaign. Their ad campaign translates to higher costs for their services. I hear they just overpaid a boatload of cash to become the 2010 Winter Olympics soul telecommunications advertiser. When I find out a company spends billions on advertising, and isn't doing very well financially, it tends to push me toward the competition. Especially if their commercials are annoying.

But moreover, Bell only price matches after they've lost a customer. Oops, you left us, well we can offer you that rate too...

Then why didn't you when I asked you too match it?

I don't really like Bell commercials. They're not as good as Rogers, with the guy (presumably with Bell) who keeps getting one upped by the cooler looking guy with a Rogers phone plan.
IMO, they're one of my favourites, although not nearly as good as the gum commercial where a goat rams into a guys nuts or a Polka band kicks another guys ass, but they're pretty good.

I don't really remember any Bell commercials. I think there's one where there's a party in a Bell sign, but that's it.

Perhaps instead of a Bell sign party, they'll get a goat ramming some guy with a Rogers phone in the nuts and use the line, "Finish your contract and start using another phone already."

Hmm, doesn't work as well as it does with the gum.

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