Thursday, December 10, 2009

Satire - Refugees Shun Canada

Recently, calls have been made to try Robert Mugabe for crimes against humanity in a rape campaign he allegedly masterminded during the previous election.

It's no secret that Zimbabweans, whose government led by Robert Mugabe, have been brutalized, raped, murdered and abused for years by their government. Zimbabweans often seek asylum abroad, in countries where governments don't terrorise and abuse people. Countries who seek justice against indescretions. Canada was once one of the countries they flocked to. This is no longer the case.

"After seeing Zimbabwe's government commit, or be complcit in attrocities, Zimbabweans wanted to go to Canada to get away from it. What do we find here, a Conservative government who also refuses to try their own MPs for being war criminals," says Micheal from Zimbabwe

Michael continues. "Seeing Peter MacKay up there, guilty of War Crimes and slandering anyone who dares speak out against him, calling them Taliban sympathizers. It's like we're back in Zimbabwe. I don't know why we left. It's the same thing. More and more people stand up for the truth. The government becomes more and more vicious. Scarier still, the Canadian government poll results are going up!"

John, a survivor of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, also draws parallels. "I see comments from Canadians, saying it's okay to torture people and transfer them into abuse, rape, and murder, because they're Afghans, because they must be associated with the Taliban. It reminds me of Rwandan Radio the day the genocide started. "Kill the cockroaches," they said, referring to us Tutsis. 'Kill the Taliban, because any Afghan arrested must be associated with the Taliban,' is what I hear now."

Meanwhile, other Africans compare the current Canadian government to Apartheid South Africa. They say that during apartheid, black political movements were ridiculed, slandered, oppressed. Just like what the Conservatives tried to do to Barack Obama during the primaries when someone leaked confidential information to undermine Obama's campaign.

But the comparisons to Obama is the lesser evil. That's politics. Other parallels between apartheid and the Canadian government is even scarier.

Neslon Mandela spent 13 years exiled from the South African mainland on Robbin Island.
Abousfian Abdelrazik, the Sudanese Canadian who mysteriously appeared on a terrorist blacklist, was harassed by Canadian authorities. Abdelrazik was exiled from Canada for seven years.

The parallels are terrifying. In fact, in many ways, South Africa at least was known to treat it's prisoners humanely. They dealt with them internally, not renditioning torture to rogue regimes like Sudan, where torture is commonplace. Do you think Mandela would be alive today if South Africa handed him over to be imprisoned somewhere like Sudan?

John from Rwanda also offers his opinion on Abdelrazik. "In Rwanda, it was innocent until proven Tutsi. In Abdelrazik's case, it was innocent until proven Muslim. He's lucky to be alive. Arar, too. Scarily, they still don't have enough evidence to arrest them. Perhaps that's the one bright spot for Canada, as much as their government are criminals, at least the Canadian police show some independant thought in following procedures. They're not government lackeys like in Zimbabwe and Rwanda. Although who knows what will happen if the Tories get a majority..."