Sunday, December 06, 2009

You Tell Santa!

Zack, with his Toys R Us flyer, goes to see Santa. His big dark eyes grow wide as he sees the man in the red suit sitting in the high-back brownchair. "Santa," he shouts, wiggling to get past the other kids. Zack's mother and father wrestle with him, getting his jacket off. His father holds him and pays for some photos to be taken. He orders Christmas cards. His mother holds Zack's baby sister, hushing her as she wails. Finally, its Zack's turn. He goes up to see Santa, Santa has Zack's sister on one knee, and Zack on the other.

"Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Chistmas. And what's your name little boy."
"I'm Zack, that's my sister Alia."
"And what would you like for Christmas this year Zack."
"I'm glad you asked Santa, here it is. I want the Batman - The Brave and the Bold toy for Christmas. In case you're confused, I brought a picture. It's right here, no wait, on the other side, yes, right here. Now I don't want any of your elves skimping. I know their tricks. I don't want some cheap, dollar store, flea market souq Batman. I want the real deal, the Brave and the Bold. In case you're not sure how to make it, look at the picture. They sell them at Toys R Us. It's the one with the cape that expands as you crank its arm. I know the deal. I'll leave you some cookies cuz I know you big guys like sugary stuff. The gym is a couple doors down by the way, I know a good personal trainer if you want to work the Christmas cookies off afterwards. Oh, thanks, that's very nice, a colouring book and a candy cane. Merry Christmas."
"Smile for the photo!"

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