Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exploding a little too soon.... In Sweden

It's said that people who suffer from premature explosions get so excited and nervous they can't help themselves. Before the big moment, they just explode and make a big embarrassing mess.

Such was the problem of the Swedish bomber yesterday. He just couldn't get inside and exploded not once, but twice before getting his unit into the goal spot. Penetration should generally have a GOAL and a target SPOT with maximum sensitivity, also known as the G-Spot.

A good way to avoid premature explosion is to wear protection over the unit so that it doesn't get set off prematurely through the normal course of touching that occurs prior to entry.

In some cases, it may be worth having two units of protection over the unit for those who get excited early and often, such as people who may explode twice prior to penetrating the target.

For those who suffer from premature explosion, effective medication is available. For more information contact doctor_kevorkian@hotmail.com

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