Sunday, March 27, 2011

Election Time

The only problem with an election right this moment is that Stephen Harper is going to end up with another useless minority. What's the point?

One thing I envy about the American system is it comes down to two parties, two choices. Not four, or five if your in Quebec. Nothing's more frustrating than losing a seat to a vote like this.

A - The party I really dislike - 26%
B - The party I really like - 25%
C - The party I like but don't think they have a chance - 25%
D - The party I'd vote for only if it meant the party I really dislike won't get the seat - 24%

In a nutshell, this is what Stephen HARPER means to me.

1) Stance on Israel Palestine - From Canada's former decades of peaceful resolution stance to a new let's support Israel no matter how many human rights they violate and even if their own population is up in arms about their excessive use of force.

2) Economists, like PM HARPER should certainly have some understanding of statistical analysis, right?
Apparently not. Let's scrap the long form census and come up with an optional census that all Canadians can fill out if they feel so inclined. A census that has absolutely no statistical reliability and will be skewed toward religious groups that urge their congregations to shape Canadian values by implementing their own values to skew our census data.

3) Let's take Canada's enviable financial surpluses from the previous government, raise spending, slash taxes, send the debt soaring (pretty much the US model that led them into their current financial disaster), then claim the glory that Canada's economy is the envy of the world thanks to the Harper government. But that's not enough, let's go on to claim that the other parties don't have the fiscal competence to lead Canada through the "still fragile" economy. Yes Harper, it was all you, not one bit Canada's commodity and resource rich economy that kept us afloat. Not one bit the Liberal surpluses that staved off economic disaster. It was all you buddy, all you.

So Harper's going to get his 30-40% minority government.
The 5-10% of all the votes the Green Party gets will eat up any chance of the New Democrats becoming more significant than about 15% of the seats.
The New Democrats will eat up any chance of the Liberals getting a minority government ala my previous example of the vote breakdown.
Finally, the Bloc will stop any and all parties from getting a majority government with their guaranteed pander to Quebec stance for 10% of all seats. Canadian politics, an exercise in frustration.

Prediction by # of seats.

Harper - 30-40% of seats.
Liberals - 20-30 % of seats
NDP - 10-20% of seats.
Bloc - 10-15% of seats
Green/independents - 3-5% of seats

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