Saturday, April 30, 2011

The top ten reasons that, in 1996, Jack Layton was caught in a massage parlour busted for inappropriate conduct.

10) For a massage, ;)

9) Not quite sure, but for some reason Layton seems to be locking up the oil patch vote, and it has nothing to do with his stance on pollution and industry ethics.

8) Jack Layton + massage parlour + unscrupulous partisan opposition in the right place at the right time = 1-800-222-TIPS

7) For a massage ;) ;)

6) Because his back was sore. ;) ;) ;)

5) Somebody had an “in” with the Chinese Massage community.

4) He was preparing for a surge in the pole…

3) One of the White House interns booked him the appointment.

2) So Stephen Harper can say, “Why didn’t you just roll over already!”

1) Seeking clarification, Jack Layton went out to discover just what opposition members meant when they referred to him as a "whack job."

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