Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Nitwit Parliament

In university, I remember a girl who was active in Politics - party memberships, the Students Union, etc. She was in some of my marketing classes. For the most part, in University, I was surrounded by people of university intelligence. A few brilliant people, but for the most part people who learned what they had to learn and got their degrees. People smart and driven enough to gain an understanding of a variety of subjects and get a pretty piece proving that they had.

This girl involved in school and other politics was the biggest idiot I'd ever met. I don't know if she made it past third year, which was when I met her.

There are some very clever people involved in politics, so I'm not trying to single this girl out as representative of politicians. For some reason though, I see her in a lot of politicians today and I naturally make comparisons.

We've had the Conservatives in power for five years now - Some of their decisions make me think about this girl. The changing of our census collection being a prime example. I don't expect every person out there to understand the impact of the Conservatives tampering with Census collection, if you can even call it a Census anymore. I'd rather call it a survey of anyone inclined to fill out the survey - which eliminates people who are "too busy, lazy, don't care, don't speak good English, can't read, etc. Or the opposite - church groups who pressure their kin to fill out the Census...

The point is that a voluntary survey goes against the point of a census - which is to collect accurate RANDOM samples of a portion of the population and extrapolate those numbers to be reflective of the larger population.

Census data then helps in hundreds of ways - so that politicians can create policy, so students can have a baseline of accurate information for research, so trends can be analyzed. A critical tool is now gone - replaced by an ineffective one that probably costs about the same.

There's more incompetence, much more incompetence, so much more that I can't help but think, Does Canada truly have an electorate of which 40% and more ignore the Conservative transgressions and vote for them anyway?

I really do have trouble understanding. Is it because gay marriage pissed people off? Is it because abortion is wrong? Is it really better to make it illegal? Should a young girl, terrified of her overbearing religious parents and with a sinful baby growing in her belly instead go into a back alley where a shady guy with elongated pliers will do the job because safe clinics are illegal? Do you really care if two homosexuals have a piece of paper officially saying they love each other.

Because what bothers me more is the fact that our government was complicit and possibly even committed war crimes. The fact is Canadian policy on prisoner transfers in Afghanistan led to abuse. A "War crime," sat at the feet of our most powerful decision makers. What did they do? 1) They tried to character assassinate the messenger. They sabre rattled like George Bush with slogans like, "Don't insult the honour of our soldiers, and, You're either with us or against us." Minority government limitations can get pretty heated. So, rather than face tough questions, they prorogued parliament! They stopped Canada's government entirely to hide from answering for their incompetence.

Jets. What's the total cost? Nine billion. Seventeen billion. Thirty billion? I don't know because the Conservative government is the first government in the history of Canada to be held in contempt of parliament for refusing to release the real cost. Pretty damn serious considering a thirty billion dollar price tag is around a thousand dollars out of every single Canadian's pocketbook.

The GST cut - great, easy on the pocket right. Not when we have a $50 billion dollar deficit, more than half a trillion dollars in debt.

My common sense. I borrow money and then I scrounge and suck it up to pay off that money so I don't have to pay off even more in the future.

Conservative common sense. We borrow money, we lower the payments and borrow more money, then more money, then more money, then more money.


We have the NDP as a completely useless official opposition. We have a bunch of impressionable random MP's, possibly not even vetted, put in constituencies they never seriously expected to win, who will be overwhelmed in the house of commons. At worst, we have more nitwits who fell into politics and are little more than a name next to an orange word on a ballot which the nitwit never expected to win.
If you were to ask someone with serious political aspirations five years ago if they'd consider running for the NDP in some staunch Liberal or Bloc Quebec riding they would have laughed at you. By some strange twist of fate, these are now the people representing us in the house of commons. A nineteen year old-blooming kid making $150,000 per year, because, probably as a joke, he took up a weak parties seat in Quebec and somehow rode a wave of outrage into power. It was always a theory of mine that a parliamentarian's only qualification was that he or she could sit behind their particular leader and clap when prompted. I think that's now been confirmed.

Jack Layton victorious? More like Jack Layton with a bunch of seats filled by unknown and unvetted nincompoops but no real power to do anything but sit in a tiny, low to the ground chair across from Stephen Harper's high throne. Jack Layton touting his gains as though splitting the left vote, railroading the Liberals into insignicance and handing Stephen Harper a majority is good for Canadian Politics. Damn, give your head a shake man. Tell it like it is - it's a bloody disaster! You've handed power over to a man who will do anything and everything short of becoming a Robert Mugabe to completely decimate the opposition.

Just like the girl from Univeristy, how many such nincompoops may be MP's in government. What vetting process did the NDP use? Or was it "Who is stupid enough to run for the NDP in a riding we don't have a chance of winning in a hundred years... unless... oops..."

Dark days are ahead for Canada.

Four years of unchecked conservative rule.

A government that treated a minority like a majority and will treat a majority like what, a dictatorship?

An agenda that conveniently plans to balance the budget in 2015, just in time for the next election.

An opposition with a few experienced members and a bunch of jokers who fluked into politics. How would you feel if you went to the hospital and your doctor said, "I'm not sure what I'm doing, I just applied for the job and a bunch of people who never met me gave me their stamp of approval."

So bring on the debt, mortgage our children's future, give tax breaks to the wealthy companies who can afford them and take 40% of MY salary to compensate for jets and other pocket lining purchases.

Trod on the rights of minorities, let them languish in foreign embassies without passports or consular support.

Cast away our role of peacemaker in return for unflinching support of Israel, even when their biggest ally, the US, is saying, Whoa, don't decimate Lebanon over spilled milk.

While your at it, follow in Bush's footsteps and use the Arab bitterness at our Jewish vote pandering as reason to curtail our own freedoms lest angry terrorists rise among us. Just add the price tag onto our children's future debt, if you don't mind...

Thanks for the tax havens I can't afford because I'm putting my pennies into my mortgage. Our rich and wealthy no longer need to hide money in Bermuda and Switzerland. The middle class family of four, like mine, can scarce afford $15,000 per year into tax free savings and educational savings plans. So, again, how will the budget be balanced in four years? The "rich" and money savvy investors won't be paying any taxes on eight years worth of $40,000 base investments thanks to your TFSA's. Psst. People aren't saving too much money, just the rich ones with lots already saved. They're shifting their savings into your tax free accounts...
So eliminate the GST, screw over capital gains tax revenues for the next government while boosting spending.
Our PM's an economist, so he must know what he's doing.

And in my last will and testament, to my beloved children, I leave you the pleasure of paying off Conservative government debts. Twenty-Five percent GST, fifty percent income tax and an inflation rate that makes Robert Mugabe blush. A small sacrifice to pay so that gays can't get married, women can't have safe abortions, and Israel can say, "See, someone agrees with our philosophy, ten thousand eyes for an eye."

Canada, welcome to a new era of nitwit parliament.

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