Saturday, October 22, 2011

Protesting your own folley

Protesting economic incompetence is a little like trying to save a cake once you've burnt it to a crisp - too little too late. Where were the protests when the government was handing out jobs and racking up ridiculous debts? Where were the protests when they increased spending and slashed taxes? When Greece showed the world what they could do during the Olympics.

There were no protests, there were votes!

People vote for what puts money in there pocket now, not tomorrow. When the government is involved, who thinks what might happen ten, twenty, thirty years from now. You pay for the biggest promises, putting no emphasis on fiscal competence.

It's time to pay up. Plain and simple. Higher taxes and lower spending. You can't change historical facts. Tomorrow Chernobyl will still be a disaster zone, Greece's finances will still be abysmal. Worst of all, too many countries are touting their own fiscal competence while hurtling down the exact same path as Greece.

Protests don't solve very much after the fact. After it's too damn late.

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