Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Greece, here we come.

Canada's descent into economic chaos may not happen as suddenly and painstakingly as say, in Greece or Italy.

But is it coming?

I laugh, in a sarcastic, angry, I wanna go to a punching bag and hit it so hard it unhinges sort of way - when Stephen Harper stands in front of the cameras and boasts Canada's fiscal responsibility and position in the world - then announces, like they did today, that more debt is coming as far as we can see into the future.

So, how exactly should other countries should be more like Canada and follow our example?

Should they exploit massive amounts of natural resources to provide jobs, revenues, taxes - and yet still run deficits?

Oh wait, unlike the second largest country in the world, they don't have massive amounts of natural resources to squander.

Should they pollute the hell out of their lands for profit and not worry about the long term costs to the environment?

Yes, Canada is in the best financial position in the G7.

Is is because of the dwindling euphoria of Liberal economic surpluses?

Is it because of massive tax revenues from oil and gas industries, timber industries, and mining industries? Natural resource wise - on the international front, Canada's like they guy who won the lottery for life, getting a guaranteed long term boost other countries don't have.

Or is it because of the Conservative slash and spend policy. A policy that shows a Conservative-led Canada slowly but surely following in the footsteps of Greece, the US and Italy.

So next time, Stephen Harper, you stand in front of the Cameras and boast Canada's brilliant economic leadership - perhaps tell the truth - that despite winning the natural resource lottery for life you still can't manage to balance the budget.

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