Thursday, May 24, 2012

A toast to our best resource.

A toast to our best resource.
Through public tips
The watch approached.
Windows smashed
and door jams broached.
Six teens took off
in a black Sedan.
Perhaps they shouted,
"Catch us if you can."
From Oriole Park
To Lower Fairview,
They all met up
for a rendezvous.
Just right then,
Came a second call.
With a little bit of luck
We could get them all
If it was these kids.
I knew that they'd flee.
Like they did throughout
Their violent crime spree
Dignity taken
The victims they sobbed.
Machetes and bats.
With which they were robbed.
The mounties came.
And as fast as an ace.
The car shot forward.
It was time for the chase.
Not far from the river
They ran out of luck.
With a blown out tire.
They slammed into a truck.
The foot chase ensued.
And we chased them I say
Witnesses pointed and shouted,
“They ran this and that way!”
Then two were in custody.
I’ll call them Mike and Ruth
I'd tell you real names
But I can't cuz they're youth.
Three more were caught,
Breaking into a church.
And two more after that.
With a brief easy search
A dozen B&Es
Stolen autos and trucks.
A robbery, an assault
All from these little #%&$s
I toast you dear public
Tips came without fail.
You helped us to catch them.
And put them in jail.

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