Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What is a Conservative?

I used to think I was conservative. I thought that based on money. Conservative = conserving of money.  But the Canadian Conservatives don't share the same ideology.

I can do the math again, or you can review my previous posts to find the numbers. The entire amount of Canadian debt comes from Conservative governing. While Liberals have had years of fiscal deficits. Their balance and the amount they've paid off in Conservative debt interest payments puts them at having an overall fiscal surplus.

Canada per capita debt- $18,000

That's per capita. If you do it per tax payer, it's something like 2.5 times higher.
Comparatively, per capita debt

United States = $50,500

Spain            = € 15,500
Greece             = € 31,000
Ireland             = € 27,000
Italy                   =  € 32,000
Germany           = € 24,500
France                = € 27,000

UK                        = £ 19,000
Australia           = AUS $ 8,000

Japan                   = US$ 100,000

Do we really need the equivalent of a second mortgage to be coming off our paychecks in order to service national debt?

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