Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moving On

Darling PC. We've had a rocky relationship for almost 20 years now. I've discovered that the Macintosh we made fun of so long ago for its nerdy looks has now grown up. The new Mac is sleek and beautiful and sophisticated.

Basically PC - welcome to dumpsville - population - YOU.

Running from the PC

Some of you might recall when home-owned computers first came out en mass. There was Microsoft DOS - Disk Operating System. I remember my first DOS computer counting the kilobytes of RAM, all they way to 640 kilobytes. In comparison, an average computer today has 4 gigabytes, or over 4 million kilobytes, an increase of 6000 fold.

At the beginning there was the Macintosh and the PC. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Macintosh came out with interactive "Windows" type computing first, then Microsoft created a PC version. Apple, rising with their computers, eventually were pushed aside as the world adopted the PC as the industry standard, and Windows along with it.

In 1995 my University had the Mac labs and the PC labs. The PC labs were good, and the Mac labs, using aged computers, just didn't work right. Mac had suffered in the crunch as the PC outstripped it in quality and user friendliness - mainly due to a financial R&D advantage. It was a windows world and the once soaring company Apple was struggling to stay afloat with their overall technology.

But something happened. As the PC became increasingly dragged down by sluggish programming, increasingly difficult to sync, advancing graphics, advancing virus protectors, and an overall sluggish, Apple's core competencies began to emerge.

Apple, aware of the onset of mass storage, music, and video, came out with the Ipod.

The ipod morphed into the ipod touch, a small hand held computer.

That led nicely into the Iphone.

Then came more and more accessories, like the Apple TV.

Apple recently became the most valuable company in the world.

Their financial disadvantage was erased and they now have masses addicted to their iphone - and arguably the best computers out their on the market.

In 2012, the Mac lab is probably the place to be. The ever increasing nightmare of Windows sluggishness is replaced by a sleek, fast, and reliable Mac.

After 20 years as a PC user, I'm switching to Mac. The once questionable price difference has been mooted by a superior product that meshes with the other products in the house. Yes, I'm paying double for the same mechanics, but I'm getting something that was designed, programmed, tweaked, and refined by the richest company in the world, not a company struggling to stay in the green. Not a company that picks and chooses a bunch of hardware, throws them together and updates them every few months with newer, cheaper, other hardware so they can put something on the shelf. Not a company with the newest version of Windows, the tired Microsoft program that reappears with a different name and fanfare every few years, "window dressing" the previous problems while new bugs  bog the computer down. My computer had a virus the day I bought it, it was called Windows, Norton, McAffee, etc.

My new Mac arrives soon.

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