Monday, November 26, 2012

An Obama Victory - and other musings

Obama won the election.

The biggest critique I've heard seems to be how negative his campaign was. Negative, yes, but at least it was honest. He didn't hire some 'swift boat veterans' to lie and tarnish his opponents most respected accomplishments. One of the most despicable acts of American politics.

His four years were debt laden, which can partly be attributed to a hangover of overspending and tax bungling by the previous Republican nightmare, partly be attributed to rescuing the US from another great Depression, and partly attributed to Republican blocking his attempts at reforming the tax structure so the uber-rich pay a little bit more. 

The economy was slowly chugging but not soaring. Considering it was near collapse when he took over, that's not such a bad thing. The Republicans did a half decent job painting the fact that he hadn't turned the economy around more. They also lambasted Obama for continuing the record deficits started by the Bush Administration, which was part of a twenty year legacy of ridiculous debt that the Republicans can take credit for.

He was criticized for increasing bureaucracy and stifling free enterprise with too many laws.  Yet, somehow there wasn't an Enron fiasco, and the housing bubble seemed to be stemmed from getting worse and worse.

So how bad is the red tape? What's worse, some red tape or a repeat of the Bush years? 

I don't envy Obama's job. America is financially screwed thanks to the Republicans.

Comparatively - it would be like moving into a house in dire need of repairs, inheriting the full-value mortgage for the house, while taking a pay cut at work because business is bad, and finally having to smooth things over with a neighbourhood that despised the last person who lived in the house.

So if you take the problems he inherited out of the equation - what has Obama accomplished?

  • Turned America from one of the most reviled countries back to one of the most admired and loved on the international stage.
  • Pulled the Americans out of two crippling wars.
  • Put in legislation aimed at curbing corporate greed and financial havoc.
  • Handled environmental disaster with compassion and respect.
  • Brought Health Care to millions of poor Americans.

So the HOPE some anticipated as Obama being some sort of Messiah that would deliver America back to unprecedented global dominance might not have been fulfilled.

I think he's doing just fine. I am thrilled to see America has overcome racism, bigotry, and hatred to elect a black man with a Muslim-sounding name to a second term in the White House.

Best of Luck Mr. President.