Thursday, August 01, 2013

Edward Snowden - Freedom at Last...

After revealing embarrassing State secrets, that were broadcast for all public knowledge.

Get ready for it - THE US HAS A SPY PROGRAM!

Not only that, but, GASP, that program gathers intelligence!

They do this through various intelligence gathering methods, new and old.

Shocking, I know! I never would have guessed spies would stoop to such a level as to gather intelligence.

Fortunately, Edward Snowden has found refuge in a country whose democratic ideals are unparalleled. A country whose government has intense credibility. A country whose integrity wouldn't possibly infringe on the privacy rights of its citizens and international partners.

Russian women wouldn't stand for it. There would be some sort of Pussy Riot should infringement on rights of expression, and such, ever happen in Russia.

Thank you Edward Snowden. I'm sure every terrorist sleeps a little better at night knowing that they shouldn't use their Facebook or email to share the date, time and place for their imminent attacks.

I'm sure every US ally is pleased in the knowledge that the US government got caught as the guy at the international poker table trying to peak at everyone else's cards.

Snowden has moved from the miserable weather of California and the Southern United States into the balmy democratic paradise that is Mother Russia.

Congratulations on your good fortunes.

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