Friday, May 30, 2014

Canada vs. USA car prices - Get ready for a shock!

So cars are more expensive in Canada than the USA, right? The word is, that for years consumers have been gouged, fleeced, ripped off, bent over and...

Yeah, you get the point.

We are unfairly paying more in Canada for our vehicles than the USA!

Or are we...?

I decided to run the numbers. What I found, really shocked me.

I certainly don't have time to run every single make and model out there. Perhaps USA base models are different. Perhaps not. Taxes, fees, etc. You get the point.

What I found is that in Canada, cars are cheaper!

I picked the first eight brands that popped into my head. I chose what I believed to be the base model of each companies best-selling vehicle. I took the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price as listed on the Canadian and USA websites for the car companies.

Here's the results...

Ford F150 Base Model

Canada - $16,607
USA - $25,025
Difference - 33% cheaper in Canada

Toyota Corolla

Canada - $14,578
USA - $16,800
% Difference - 13.2% cheaper in Canada

Honda Civic

Canada - $14,476
USA - $18,390
% Difference - 27% cheaper in Canada

Suburu Legacy

Canada - $21,678
USA - $21,695
Difference - $17 cheaper in Canada
% Difference - Negligable

Chevrolet  Impala

Canada - $26,245
USA - $26,860
% Difference - 2.3% cheaper in Canada

Nissan Sentra

Canada - $13,930
USA - $15,990
% Difference - 14.7% cheaper in Canada

Hyundai Sonata

USA - $21,450
Canada - $23,818
% Difference - 11% more expensive in Canada

Volkswagen Golf

USA - $17,995
Canada - $ 17,526
% Difference - 2.6% cheaper in Canada

Don't believe me. Go to the Canadian and USA websites and check for yourselves. Don't forget to do the currency conversion. Prices above are in US dollars.

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