Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is Double Time Really Double Time?

Double bubble, double pounders! You're raking in the cash, right? Double your salary for overtime hours.

From a banking perspective, it sure is nice to have a huge paycheck come in every so often. A financial cushion to double down on the mortgage, or keep up with the cycle of bills, pay off the credit cards. Whatever your financial situation, the bonus money is pleasant.
From an employer perspective, it might actually make sense to pay people double time instead of train, hire, teach, pay vacation, pay sick days, move people from place to place, pay into their benefits, their insurance, their glasses, their dentists, etc, etc, all the non-salary costs associated to hiring an employee.

For the government, the higher tax bracket that double time puts them in means the government ends up recouping bigger amounts back in taxes as well.

Just something to think about next time you say yes to double time. The paychecks are nice, but you might be saving your employer money in the long run. Not that helping the big man is a bad thing, unless they start to abuse it and it effects your well being.

There comes a time when you need to log those hours and take time off, separate and enjoy your passions in life. Blogging, for instance.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Harper Comes Out of the Closet.

While some members of parliament prepared a bold, if not desperate defense.

Our fearless leader was... definitely not fearless. 

Cowering in a closet as his followers stood ready to defend with weapons of opportunity, as the true heroes, the police and the Sargent at Arms, exchanged gunfire with a deranged madman on the front lines - and killed him.

 But alas, this was less a religious-inspired attack as it was a fringe criminal of society, mental health issues exacerbated by a history of drug abuse, devouring the chance religious garble of the day. 

Police deal with people like him on a daily basis. Obsessed that the government, or aliens, or big brother is tapping into their brains. Devouring propaganda that infests the internet like tiny forest fires flaring up on a dry summer day. Somehow a mix of drugs-meets-mental health-meets religious garble caused him to become dangerous.

 But there is more. Increasingly lax gun laws led this walking mental-health problem to possess a firearm - a feat made easier because restrictions on long guns have eased.

 Throw in some cutbacks, such as with drug rehab programs, mental health care, policing, criminal justice... Much of these budget cuts thanks to the same man who sat cowering in a closet.

 Now, a soldier lays dead, a nation shocked, and our leader finally came out of the closet - sorry for the slight to my gay friends.

One has to ask questions about gun laws, about mental health problems, about justice cutbacks, policing cutbacks... Could this have been averted?