Friday, January 16, 2015

The Apple Watch - One Critical Fault and How to Overcome it.

I predict the Apple Watch will not do well, unless they can overcome its critical fault.

The primary reason - daily charging. I currently own a Pebble Smart Watch. I've had it since they were first made available for order, about two years ago.

I paid $150 for it. At first it worked okay.

It eventually became clunky. Disconnecting frequently, not transferring data, and most recently, it's had battery life issues. I have to charge it every day if I leave the Bluetooth on. About every 3-4 days otherwise. Originally, in the first year or so, a charge lasted about four days with regular Bluetooth use.

Quite frankly, charging a watch every day is a pain.

The good things about the Pebble - when it's working.

1) I can read text messages.
2) The open source platform - thousands of developers made simple life hack programs to communicate through Bluetooth. From Golf Course distance apps, to running apps, to anything people could think up that one might want to share data and piggyback off the capabilities of their smartphone.
3) At first, the charge lasted about 4 days. A little longer would be perfect - a five day work week so one could charge it on the weekend.

Yes, the apple watch will pack in a few extras. Neat health apps like pulse rates and blood pressure. But the bare bones will remain the same. A device that communicates with your phone or other Apple devices.

The updates of stocks, or news, or text messages will certainly more robust and reliable than the inconsistent Pebble as Apple should communicate with Apple. A billion dollar company should ensure billion dollar programming.

But the one major problem remains.

Battery life. A watch should be affixed to the wrist. With all the chargeable devices needed nowadays, the Apple Watch becomes a boon to always be charging it.

The solution?

An external juice battery. Merely pop on a juice ring/band/cover for an hour or so, and charge it. Have a juice ring, pack, etc, for the office and for home.

Kickstarter anyone?

Since I have no engineering experience, I'll let the geniuses at Kickstarter, Indigogo et al piggy back off my creative epiphany. Perhaps you can send me a thank you card.