Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Orphans of Syria

BBC Beirut shared a heart-wrenching article on the refugees of Syria currently in Lebanon.

I was there twelve years ago, and the tricks are the same. Back then they were described as "Kurdish,"children. 

Back then, I didn't have children of my own. To me, the poor kids of Syria were what the locals of Beirut described them as, a nuisance.

As they were in Nairobi, and Addis Ababa, and Rabat, etc, etc.

Begging is a racket. But the writer of this article precludes some important questions. Has the war blown the problem of begging youth into new proportion? Is their a better way? Whether these children are war orphans or opportunists, children should have a youth. They should play, and have fun, and learn, and be children!

Perhaps if we documented the victims, if we showed their lives, their shattered childhoods of beatings and perpetual filth, their desperation. If we showed exactly how they got there. Maybe their suffering might leak into the conscience of would-be Jihadists. Maybe the results, not the bullshit heaven-with-forty-virgins results, but the real hell with forty-thousand orphans results, might sink in.


Just maybe.

A good propaganda video can take someone's zest for martyrdom...

And turn it into a zest to replace the maternal and paternal losses caused by such "Martyrs."

Instead of militant Jihadists, maybe we'll find some real heroes emerging.

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