Sunday, November 15, 2015

Terror Attacks - Let's Make Up Stuff and Blame it on the most Vulnerable, Downtrodden People in the World!

It's only been one day since the heinous terrorist attacks in Paris. Rumours of a Syrian passport found on or near one of the terrorists has sparked the xenophobic, anti-immigration rants blowing up around the internet. A convenient group to blame, some of the weakest, most downtrodden people in the world right now.

I have a problem with this.

The first question I ask myself is, is it plausible that Syrian Terrorists have infiltrated France?

Yes, it is possible that one or more of these terrorists are from Syria. They may also be from Canada, or Germany, or Belgion, or China for all I know.

Is it likely that they would blow themselves up and be carrying their passport so as to give the authorities a clue?

Hrmm, I don't know. I'm a little skeptical, but maybe.

Is it likely that the authorities would be sharing potential key evidence with the general public, such as a Syrian Passport found near one of the dead suspects at this early stage of the investigation.

Maybe, who knows.

Is it likely that anti-immigration, conspiracy nuts are floating around bullshit meant to stoke people's xenophobic fears.

I think this is very likely.

I've blogged intermittently on Syria since before the war began. There are plenty of great articles out there outlining how ISIS began, and it's modern roots. Trying to remember it all is like trying to remember every move you made in a Chess game.

I agree with Canada's Liberal government that our new role should be as a peacemaker in the region. A peacemaker between the Rebels and the Assad Regime, while playing a covert role to infiltrate, undermine, divide, weaken, and decimate ISIS.

By pulling out of the overt war, we can focus on being humanitarians, heroes, and helpers. We can focus on hope, and on doing the right thing. We can be something more.

Syrians are proud, good people. The time to bring them over to Canada is now. Before their desperation turns their souls darker. Before stealing out of desperation to live becomes second nature. Before the violence that their youth have been exposed to becomes part of their normal - the sad, criminal normal that afflicts too many refugees coming to Canada today.

I say this because Syrians, before being decimated by war, were some of the most generous, welcoming people in the world. They were generous to a fault. Now they are desperate and in need of help. Now that they are victims of ISIS, it saddens me to hear that they find themselves being treated with suspicion and racism because they come from the same place as the monsters do.

ISIS isn't trying to send their Jihadists dressed as refugees to cause terror elsewhere. They need all hands on deck in the Leviathin just to survive. Their media wing and propoganda is what inspires feeble, angry, foolish young men to commit terror acts inside their own countries. That's what we have to keep an eye on.

As much as seeing ISIS being blown into tiny, little smithereens would give us satisfaction. I know that dropping bombs and blowing them to hell will not eliminate them. It will just make us poorer, and if history is any indication, it may even make them stronger.

The best way to eliminate ISIS, or any hideous ideology, is to expose their lies and hypocrocy through peace and a better alternative. It's by telling the stories of the people hurt by their evil. The widows. The orphans. The injured, and the dead.

It's by showing how their victims are better than they are. How the victims fleeing their evil were saved by good people who do good things.

Canada can do better. Canada must do better.

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