Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why Donald Trump Won't Win the General Election

Trump may be winning the Republican Primary, but let's break down America's electorate and see what his real chances are against a legitimate Democratic Candidate.

About 60% of Americans are white, and about 40% are non-white.

Considering Trump has been courting the Klu Klux Klan vote, eliminating the chance of getting 99.9% of black people votes, and further alienating Muslims and Hispanics by talking about building walls, banning Muslim travel, and big-brother monitoring Muslim segments of the American population.

I think it's saft to say pretty much the entire non-white vote will go against trump. So before he even gets out of the gate, he's got a 40% disadvantage and is fighting for the remaining 60% of the electorate.

Of those 60% of votes he might still get, nature would say that about half of those are females. While there may be a few females out there who are willing to overlook his demeaning, insult-laden, sexually objectifying views of their gender, I would wager to say that at least half (and this is an extremely low estimation) of white women would not vote for a man who is commonly perceived as a chauvinistic jerk.

So that leaves at most, 45% of the remaining electorate who don't yet feel alienated enough to actually consider voting for Donald Trump.

At this point, he has already lost. 55% to 45% - and that is assuming every single white male, and half of the white females are going to vote for him.

I predict that Trump's presidential bid will decimate the Republican party for a long time as it exposes the racist, uneducated, embittered segment of the American population willing to vote for him.

Exactly what amount of the remaining 45% of voters who might lean Republican will end up selecting Trump will inevitably expose just how damaged, racist, and bigoted the electorate can be.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the biggest landslide in American history as the Democrats take the White House.

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