Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump can't be impeached, sorry.

I said it before. Trump won, suck it up.

Some things still amaze me though. The extremely low voter remorse. People voted for this. The show, the controversy, the shake-up! They will follow and support Trump, scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal.
They'll ignore his openly sharing top secret "caveated" information and USA intelligence gathering techniques with Russian diplomats, in the White House, behind closed doors, with only Russian media present, right after firing the FBI director for investigating Trump's ties to Russia.

Which kind of sounds way worse than someone stealing insecure but not highly sensitive emails from Clinton.

Because it was intentional. Clinton's emails were stolen.

But what the hell, "Lock her up!"

I find it hilarious that the base just buy into whatever Trump says. Whatever the Republican leaders say, we'll follow, blindly, because they are the Religious right. The three times married, sexually assaulting, shady business bankruptcies and fraud scandals Religious right. Because abortion is wrong and religion is important, unless it's a non-Christian religion.

Back when George Bush was running for president. I remember a campaign rally where they chanted, "Flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop." As republican leaders gave examples of John Kerry changing his mind on various policies. To Republicans at the time, someone who changed their mind was the worst person in the world. "He's a ridiculous, pathetic, Flip Flopper!" Was the Republican quote of the day. And they sure didn't want a Flip Flopper when the steady hand of Bush was promising to stay the course.

And the big chant at Trump rallies was "Lock her up, lock her up." As Trump lowered himself to basic name-calling as he promised to bring crooked Hilary to justice for her careless use of a private email server. Trump even publicly asked for Russian help, help cyber-attack his own country to ramp up his rhetoric that crooked Hilary was unfit to be president.

Which is why he can't be impeached for his coziness with Americas most dangerous enemy. Because Trump openly stated his admiration for Putin. Trump openly asked for Russia's help during his speeches and campaign rallies. It was not hidden. It was not a conspiracy. It was out in the open for all of American voters to see and hear and process and help in their vote-decision-making process. Just like his bragging about sexual assaulting women. Just like his refusing to release his tax returns for whatever nefarious reason. Just like his bragging about not paying taxes because he's smart, and all of the other baggage that the cut-throat businessman brings to the table.

You can't impeach him because he was voted in without the caveats and expectations for him to do exactly what he is doing.

And they voted for him anyway. They voted for him to do exactly what he is doing, and reading between the lines, that is exactly what he said he was going to do.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

He won, accept it...

Almost a year ago, my last post indicated why Trump couldn't win the General Election. As it turns out, I massively underestimated how appealing a sexually assaulting, openly racist, women-degrading, lying, fraudster, bigot can be.

I don't quite understand what happened. I don't quite understand how a stream of blatently unethical news, tweets, quotes, snippets, and history was swept aside as people believed Clinton was worse because she sent some insecure emails.

A lifetime of public service, with the obvious political baggage that it entails, such as  occasionally coming down on the wrong side of history in the Iraq war vote, could hamper her that much.

But like it or not, he won. He is the president. Despite calls of illegitemacy, he is the next president of the United States.

Michael Moore claims he is illegitimate.

Sorry sir, you are wrong. He is legitimate, and here is why.

Yes, he lost the popular vote. Yes, there is a history of Republican gerrymandering of political boundaries to favour them. But, that is the system. You can't cry foul because the system is rigged. 

You can't win the Stanley Cup, or the World Series, or the Superbowl, without winning the final game. You can win every game of the season, you can dominate the games you won by huge margins, but, at the end of it all, if you lost the final game by a single point. You are not the victor. 

His second argument questions Trump's mental health. He may be right, but see above. He still won. A lot of people don't like that, are scared, present company included. But he won. The best we can do is obstruct, make fun, share the insanity on social media, criticize, complain, and go on with our lives knowing that the world is a lot less safe for at least another four years.

Moore's third argument says the Russians interfered. He is undoubtedly right, but, this was no secret. Trump asked them to hack the democrats. Trump most certainly knew the Russians had been hacking the Democrats. Trump openly spouted his love for Putin. 

So Putin and the Russians helped Trump. They have business ties. They have dirt on each other. But this was known. Trump did not try to hide his ties to Russia, aside from not releasing his taxes. Again, this is buyer beware, or voter beware. 

Americans in droves chose to vote for him, despite the giant question mark, the dark clouds, the shady business deals, the bankruptcies, the racism, etc, etc, etc, etc....

He is the legitimate winner because, despite all of those many, many, many, many, red-light warning signs, he was elected. Did I mention many...

They were no secret, and he made no attempt to keep them secret, in fact, he stated them publicly.

Just like Clinton had big businesses and lobbyists, and stakeholders propping her up, so did Trump. His biggest stakeholder may have been a hostile foreign enemy that is dangerous to American interests, who hold kompromat and used disenformazia to assist Trump.

He won, and just like a foolish buyer taking a risk on a used car bought from a shady dealer with a publicly known criminal record for fraud, and sexual assault. He still bought the car. Sucker.

And the FBI interfered with the election, disclosing a continuing investigation into Clinton (That went nowhere because she hadn't done anything wrong) while not disclosing the kompromat, and disenformazichstan, and Russian interference.

Yep, and the FBI said as much that it was nothing, again, just like the first time. If this hurt Clinton, while warning sign, after shock, after disaster, was spouted about and from Donald Trump. That's Clinton's fault for not stooping to the same lowball level.

Next was Rex Tillerson's appointment. Again, when you vote for something so questionable, you have to accept the consequences. Just like the guy who bought the lemon from the shady dealer. 

Trump's numerous felonies were known, or should have been known by any informed voter. Just like ignorance is no defense. 
"I didn't know it was illegal to drink and drive."
"I didn't know the speed limit wasn't 180 mph."
"I didn't know they guy I voted for was a racist, sexual offending fraudster."

Voters made the decision.

They chose Trump, despite his many KNOWN faults and conflicts of interest.

KNOWN being the key word here.

They knew, and they made the decision.

And just like that team that dominated the regular season, and the playoffs up until the final game, only to lose by a single point. Even though it was a lopsided playing field. Even though there was extremely questionable reffing. Even though they lost to a gloating, unsportsmanlike opponent. Even though the opponent distracted the ref when they scored the winning goal, or injured our best player, or used excessive trash-talking to throw us off our game.

The Democrats still lost.

We have no choice but to watch the victor traipse around, putting us down, bragging about his dirty, underhanded tactics, gloating, threatening, and doing what he does.

Because he won.

and we have to accept it.